Thumbnail Gallery & Old Paintings (now for sale)

I’ve recently geeked out on some javascript and was able to set up a new thumbnail gallery. I've been finding it really convenient for getting a quick view overall view of paintings/posts by category. I.E. available paintings, sold paintings or Both. I also added a little embedded widget in that collumn that shows recent available paintings.  The thumbnail gallery links (and recent available paintings widget) are in the column to the right but the links are also right here below:
Available paintings
Sold paintings
All paintings

It really gives you perspective when you can quickly scroll through all the paintings you've even made. It's like having a bird's eye view and you start seeing overall patterns of color and subject. Maybe's it's just me, but watching them from above, it feels more like each one is part of a intended and progressive continuum and not so as an isolated or random event as it often feels at the time. More importantly, it makes a grid of fun colors.

While going through all the old paintings for metadata tagging (to make the thumbnail gallery work), I came across a few older paintings that I had been holding on to. I think I loved and appreciated them as much as I could, but times change and I need to make space for new paintings. Plus, paintings want to be seen, noticed, and loved. If I let these go maybe they will find loving homes. I hope so. Goodbye little beauties. I wish you well.
#106 - Missing Piece
#107 - Luscious Apple
#215 - Elsewhere

Today’s random historical fact:
On today’s date, Oct 9th 1514, Louis XII of France and Mary Tudor were married. It didn’t last too long and the rumor is that Louis died of over-exertion in the bedchamber. Hard to believe, but if it is true, I guess there are worse ways to go. Still that doesn’t sound too pleasant for either of them. Maybe they were just too different (he was 30yrs older), but at least they tried (maybe even too hard) Oh well, Happy would-be anniversary Louis and Mary.

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