#215 - Elsewhere

5"x 7" oil on masonite

I think my favorite photos of people are when they are unaware (and their mind elsewhere). Whenever I'm aware my pictures is being taken I put on an unintentionally stupid look on my face. Usually it's a smirk. What can I say? I'm an idiot. Why do I even try? Anyhoo, not everyone does this as deftly as me, but still, people seem to put on another face when posing, when they know they are being observed. I try to use my sneaky little camera to catch them unaware. They just seem to look more honest. I pretend like I'm hunting. One of my favorite things is finding a little piece of heaven in the background of a photos. Like catching someone just being themselves or some objects bath in beautiful light that might go unnoticed. I feel like I'm catching a prince dressed as a paulper. Beauty is hiding in these secret unselfconscious places.

"Paint the truth, and it will be beautiful"
Charles Hawthorne

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Jala Pfaff said...

Very cool. And I agree, natural (unposed) is best.

Joe Dorn said...
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Joe Dorn said...

This is such a great painting. Hunting for those "unaware" moments is difficult but you "killed" it here for sure. I really like this painting Jeff.

Brian said...

Hey, every time I visit your blog you have improved some more. Very impressive, and I see you now do portraits too. Looks like you are pretty solid at drawing. It's the bane of my artistic existence: I cannot draw.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Visiting your blog is a joy and an inspiration.


JMahorney said...

Thanks guys. I really like this one, though I don't Jenn digs it as miuch as me. oh well I've got it up and framed now.

Oh and thanks brian but I swear it aint drawing,it getting the spots of color. It's deceptive. Makes me look like I can draw better than I can.

Brian said...

Hmm, but I would think that getting the pots of colour right means having to get the proportions right. Which IS drawing! ;-)

Drawing can also be said to be a process of simply getting spots of line and tone right. Which means of course there is no fundamental difference between drawing and painting. But I tend to terribly mess up proportions.

Anyway, your work is just getting better and better by the day. Very impressive!