#312 - Magenta Upstage

6"x 6"  oil on masonite  Sold
to purchase, email jeffmahorney@gmail.com or
For today's still life, I found a magenta colored material that I wanted to use for a background. Since there is not really a way to upstage a color that strong I just let it be dominant and use the foreground elements to break up the space. I couldn't mix that color with my current palette because there is no chance of reaching that magenta chroma at that high a value by mixing Alizarin and Ultramarine, so I brought in a pinch hitter: a ringer named thalo violet. It's mighty powerful like all the other crazy-ass thalo kids. Can't upstage thalo magenta.

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Anonymous said...

THis is gorgeous, Jeff! I love everything about it, especially the colors and light play. Amazing!!

Nora MacPhail said...

That is beautiful! Your paintings are so loose, but clean! Love the pink and thalo blue! Gorgeous.
Happy Painting,

Caroled said...

Love the colors... am taking the Seiler webinar and I will try VERY hard to do 120 {more :)]... that is how I found your site.... how SO wonderful ... read what I have learned and also digital starts... so a BIG THANK YOU!!!! have always fiddled with PS but now you gave a new direction!!!!

Alice Andreini said...

It is amazing to me how you can put such intense together and still make it look so fine. I am going to have to get me some of that thalo violet. I too love the punch of the thalos.

JMahorney said...

Thanks Kris and Nora!

You're Welcome Caroled. Thanks for visiting. Let me know if I can answer any question or anything. :)

Alice, Thanks and yes, I agree, thalos are too power not to try and wield!

Ruca said...

I am totally digging your intense colours!