#338 - Nascent Gander

12" x 12"  Oil on 2" cradled hardboard   (currently NFS)

I love canadian geese. In my mom's neighborhood in north Durham, me and my special lady (who's work is quite an art itself) know a spot we like to call "goose corner". The Canada geese almost always hang out there and are completely unphased or afraid of any traffic. Perhaps it's because we usually stop to gander (no pun) at their beauty. 

The geese in this composition I actually found from the reference photo I had used for my little painting missing gander that is still lost in the wild somewhere. Que Sera, sera. Loose a goose, find a goose. I like this one better anyway, plus he's got company. :)

art nerd notes:

Nascent Gander is #3 in my color scheme series. I wanted to try a different arrangement of the color scheme as opposed to the striped background that I'm a big fan of. I kept the background color edges hard but this time, I'm experimenting with having the subject break the compositional blocks in a more intentional (and not incidental) way in an attempt to integrate the foreground and background more. I like it, and it's very graphic, but I think I might try softer or brushworked edges next time to see what the effect is.

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carol morgan carmichael said...

So happy to see you painting again. Or...at least posting. Good for you liking Canadian geese. I would like to deport them and their poop. Sorry.
I really like this painting. I like the softness of the geese against the strong geometric shapes in the background. One little teeny thing.....have you thought of putting another smaller, thinner, horizontal line underneath the small goose to give it a bit of an anchor? Maybe in the slate blue color in the Damned Canadian goose shadow?

AS said...

We own some of your great paintings and love this one of Canada Geese. ( not Canadian even when plural )

J and A

Jeff Mahorney said...

Thanks Carol, yeah I may have tried that. All comps I work out in the computer with multiple version till I get one I like. I here you on the anchor with a show or lines. Can't tell if I want them that integrated into the background though (they aren't actually there). I'm trying to be clear it is purely for a color composition (in fact the geese are more incidental in the comp than the colors). Thanks for coming

And thank you AS fore your previous patronage. My apologies on the name. Really though it was Canadian. I'll make the edit.

Unknown said...

I wish I could find some Ottawa paintings like this I've been looking for so long and can't seem to find anything.

Jeff Mahorney said...

Ottawa painting? wtf does that mean? Thank for reminding me that I need to change my comment approval settings. I think Carol is the last fan/colleague I have anymore.

Unknown said...

This is a great painting. I wish could draw like this. Thanks for sharing.

Gerald said...

I was thinking if you have a gallery for all your wonderful artwork?

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