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Sorry, shop is closed for right now. I'm not accepting any new commissions currently, but thank you for your interest.

“Commission” sounds like a complex process, but with me it’s pretty simple: send me a photo and I’ll make you a painting, no extra charge.

Click here to see pet portrait examples!

For example:
You email me (attached with a good photo) saying you want a 6"x6" painting of your dog...
Original Photo
After confirming with you, I customize the image in photoshop which includes cropping to the right size and adding a complimentary background color...
Photoshopped Image
Then, I use that photoshopped image as a reference for creating the actual oil painting...
Finished Painting
Once completed, I send you a return email with a photo of the finished painting and a paypal link (no paypal account needed and it takes all credit cards). After payment, I ship your commissioned painting to you. :)

One of the best parts of getting a commissioned painting from me is that it is that it is at no extra charge*. That is to say, it's the same pricing as my other paintings.

My general pricing:
6"x6"     = $85
5"x7"     = $85
8"x8"     = $145
8"x10"   = $175
10"x10" = $215
9"x12"   = $235
12"x12" = $295
11"x14" = $305
14"x14" = $385
12"x18" = $420
16"x16" = $485
16"x20" = $585
18"x18" = $595
20"x20" = $720
18"x24" = $770
22"x22" = $845
24"x24" = $975
20"x30" = $1005
26"x26" = $1,120
22"x32" = $1,160
28"x28" = $1,275
24"x36" = $1,390
30"x30" = $1,440
32"x32" = $1,605
34"x34" = $1780
36"x36" = $1955

That about sums it up for commission info, but please feel free to ask me any questions.
Email me about a commission today!

  • Need a different size? Ask me for a quote.
  • For larger paintings I'll ask for a 1/4 of the price in advance to get started. The remainder to can be paid right before shipping.
  • Drying time can vary, so I may need to wait a few days after completion before I ship it (especially if it's big).
  • You can specify if the background is important and needs to be included, however normally I crop out the background (or simplify it) and replace it with a complimentary color that I find focuses better on the subject.
  • You can and are encouraged to send multiple photos. However, I will chose the best one for painting and from which I will use as the actual painting reference.
  • *Except in the case of larger painting, I don't send comps (compositions, the photoshopped images) before I beginning painting. If, you feel like you need to see a comp(s) and possibly make edit(s) please let me know and then an additional consulting rate of $65/ per hour will need to be applied for any time edit-related.
  • Pets are my most frequent requests, but I also portrait, landscape and still-life commissions.
  • *My paintings are normally painted on flat hard board panel for easy fitting/framing into standard frames. However, canvases or cradled hardboard can be requested (at additional cost).

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