#335 - Kash is King

6" x 6"   oil on hardbord   Sold

Yes, Kash certainly is king, or at the very least he has the heart of a lion (king of the beasts). I got to spend some quality time with this fine little pug, when my brother and I took him over to Fullsteam for a walk and a beer. Jim and Jenny (his wife) actually had me make this as an engagement gift for Jenny's good friend Stephanie. Congrats on the engagement! As you can see, Kash is also thrilled.

In other where-the-hell-have-I-been-news, I've been/am tweaking the website (+adding a commission info page) doing some a bunch O' graphic design and also a bit more oil painting on larger cradled hardboard (12"x12"). I'm trying to combine some color field theory with the organic broad brush stroke subjects I usually do. I know it doesn't sound like me to actually be doing anything, but just to prove it to you (and you know who you are), here's a tiny sneak peek:

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angela j simpson said...

Great painting and I've been through your whole blog, ordered the book you recommend - and I'm now inspired to get out with my pochade again. I went out this morning and after coming back with the usual unsatisfactory painting I did some googling and found you! Thank you

Unknown said...

Hey there! This painting looks fantastic. Loved it.
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Unknown said...

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Ealy mays Artwork said...

Hiii, just loved this picture can you make another one for me. Please let me know your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Great painting.

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Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

My Fave!
Nice colors, composition and subject!!!!!!

Art Paintings said...

This looks like a Cubism Art