Well folks, I've finally got my capture and color correction/management system under control, so I'm going to start offering prints.

Information on high quality prints of my original artwork:
All prints are made by me and color corrected to ensure fidelity to the original painting. They are printed with Chromalife100 ink system on archival quality glossy photo paper. All prints are signed and dated by the artist.

5"x7"prints are centered on 8"x10" paper (fits 8"x10" frame).

2.5"x3.5" prints are centered on 5"x7" paper (fits 5"x7" frame).

6"x6" prints are centered on 8"x8" paper (fits 8"x8" frame).

any changes or additions will be made to this post to reflect my current printing practices.

Incidentally, I capture the painting images at a very high resolution, so I'm considering offering larger-than-original print sizes, but I haven't worked out the details just yet. What other sizes would you enlarge a 5"x7" to anyway? I'd love any feedback or suggestions.

Please email me any questions or requests for custom print sizes.

:) Jeff

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