#295 - Windowside Portrait

5" x 7"  oil on masonite  Sold

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I'll never get tired of the color shifts within each family (light side and shadow side). The most saturated colors usually pop out furiously like shooting stars right on the light/shadow border. Seems like sometimes the light side has to be so subtle in color shift just to maintain the brightness, but the shadowside has a lot of room to play, during the long ride, on it's way to nothing at all.

I've memorized every single color spot on this painting because I used it to learn how to get consistent results out of my printer and monitor during my color management battle this last month. I should make a memorial from the countless fallen prints that had to die, lying glossy-side-down on the battlefield. New prints could visit the memorial that would read, "Here rest the prints that laid down their lives, so that our color could be true."

btw- made some changes to the paypal buttons to accommodate the new "buy a print" button (edit: had to hide the "buy painting" one because it sold). Any feedback is much appreciated.

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Stephen Washburn said...

"the color shifts within each family (light side and shadow side)"
That's what it is! I hadn't been able to put it into words though.

bed frame said...

As I look to the painting it looks so simple. But I think its simplicity really makes it more attractive. I love the way it is done.

Anonymous said...

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Ruth Andre said...

Wow, you did a great job with the very contemporary brushwork. Love the light side to dark.