#254 Little Pom

2.5"x 3.5"(ACEO) oil on artboard Sold

I really like the strong color key on this one. It's fun to paint this kind of scene because you have to see what value and temperature changes you can get without popping a spot out of the color key. I've got this little ACEO beside the Celery one. They make a cute pair.

So, I'm back and out of my coma and ready to get back into production. Where have I been? Oh, you know, every once in awhile I like to stop painting just to feel the empty void of meaninglessness that appears in my life, like a blackhole that not even joy can escape from. Yup, there's that pesky void, just like I was bettin. ;P

Anyhoo, that's over so it's time to get back to painting...

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