#150 Asparagus Feet

6"x6" oil on masonite SOLD

One bunch of asparagus and one borrowed (thanks Mom!) digital camera later...

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Kate said...

Nice one! I like the undefined shapes between each sticks, yet we can still tell them apart.

jilly ballantyne said...

I still love this one the best! want to swap with my asparagus painting? on http://jillyballantyne.blogspot.com/
see you have your studio set up in pole position on http://www.artistsarea.co.uk/
he's good man that Antony!
jilly in france

jilly ballantyne said...

Hi There Jeff
Happy Holidays to you! I have just purchased this painting in your wonderful sale, thank you so much.
look forward to hanging it next to Antony's Menton seascape. (I wanted to buy the 'apple hooks' you painted to make a pair to make a pair but it's already sold.) Hope to be back to painting myself soon, such a lot of stuff has happened to me lately (good and bad) that painting has been put on hold for too long. Read your blog about 'what I've Learned' and it was really worth the read and inspiring.
Have a fantastic 2009