Momart show and BCAC gallery

Just wanted to let everyone know I'll be hockin my wares at the Momart show this weekend, if anyone wants to come by and throw rocks at me or something. Remember it's free to get in Saturday and Sunday.

Also I've got a show coming up on May 15th at Bull City Arts Collaborative (click on Upfront Gallery). Some of my work will be on display there until the end of June. :)
Here the announcement (pdf).

See available paintings | Email me about a commission


mike rooney studios said...

gonna be in raleigh area friday thru mond. want to paint? drop me an email at rooneystudios@hotmail.com if you do. lets get together so you can show me some cool durham stuff to paint.

Jala Pfaff said...

Darn, I can't be there to throw rocks at you! Drat!

I varnished the little orchid painting today, it looks great. What surface is that on? It looks like a fun one to practice little studies on.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Jeff, Good Luck and that painting on your article looks Great!