Back from Thailand

Ok, I'm back from Thailand. Whew! That really was an adventure especially with the unexpected protests and successful coup. It made it a real trick to get out of the country, but we sure enjoyed being there. Thanks so much for the comments while I was gone.

So during the night bizarre there was a painter named Natthawut Ruckprasit doing fast acrylic portraits (15 minute). I couldn't resist getting one done. I love it. If I could go back, I'd pay lots o' Bhat (Thai $) for him to paint everyone in our group. He could draw and paint like the wind. Makes my outdoor painting speed look like slow motion (which is true).

Here's a link to some more of his quick portraits done out on the street bizarre.

In other news, "I've been tagged" while I was gone. Well, more like tag teamed! Is that fare? Anyway, thanks guys (I think)

I've got Mike Rooney to mention for tagging me first. Mike is an awesome painter, a cool guy, and I actually get to hang out with this madman sometimes because he's in the area. Thanks Mike! Let's get together soon so you can give me a plein air ass whoopin again. :P

The rules of being tagged are:
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2. Mention the rules
3. List 6 or 7 unusual things about yourself or quirky but boring, unspectacular details about yourself
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Some quirky but boring, unspectacular details about me:

  • My huge dog Henry, though the apple of my eye has a flatulance problem. He sometimes farts in his own face and then looks very surprised.
  • When I was a small kid wouldn't eat eggs because I was afraid a chicken would grow in my belly.
  • My grandpa was a painter/cartoonist named Bernie Wiest. I keep memorabilia of saint Bernie around.
  • My memory is terrible (or very selective). I'm like the guy from Momento. I have to have a system to write things down (pda) or they disappear into the either of my brain.
  • My spelling is horrific. I'm not dyslexic but never remember how to spell things or the words just look strange and alien to me sometimes.
  • I'm a geek. I love sci-fi, gadgets, and videos games. I'll be that way til I die.
  • Learning to paint for me felt like being a jaded child lost in the woods, who suddenly stumbles upon the garden of eden. Now I'll always be a believer.

Now I have to tag others but the trick is finding others who haven't been tagged. Hmmm. that might be hard to find by now. I'll get back with some people to tag

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mike rooney studios said...

glad you made it back ok. i was worried for ya buddy.
want ta paint some afternoon next week. havent painted in a few weeks so i'll be supeeeerrrrrr slow. we can relearn together?
let me know what days good for you.

Frank Gardner said...

Very cool set of photos Jeff.
Looks like a bunch of awesome scenery.

Are you thinking about those Thai donuts in pic #201?

Lots of painting material there.
Thanks for letting us all see those.