#186 Orchid Fly

2.5"x 3.5"(ACEO) acrylic on canvas paper Sold

This is one of the orchids that's not blooming right now (Hybernating?) but has the stick and cute little dragoinfly clip ready for the next bloom. I think I like it better this way.

So, I think I'm gunna try some ACEOs in addition to my regular paintings. I'm trying to make a new ultra light setup that all fits on a clip board for these small studies. I'm a fan of the Art Card Originals from David Lloyd and Mike Beeman. So what's an ACEO?
As David puts it:

ACEOs are small, collectible pieces of art that are the size of a standard sports trading card. An ACEO is always two and one-half inches by three and one-half inches. The rule about size is the ONLY rule in the ACEO world. An ACEO can be created in any medium the artist desires.

Designed originally to be traded among fellow artists, selling to collectors has become common practice. While ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) can be said to have originated in Switzerland around 1997, the art of miniatures has a long and varied history. A notable example is the miniature portraits popular with Impressionistic era artists for use as a kind of business card.

I once heard a very popular artist refer to her small works, appropriately enough, as "appetizers". If the 5x7 can be considered an "appetizer" then the ACEO is, most certainly, an "amuse-bouche."

This is my first ACEO. It's acrylic on gessoed canvas paper. Signed and dated on the back Forgive me because I'm going to try a few different mediums and bases til I settle on something. For bases I'll probably mess with canvas paper, heavey watercolor paper etc. until I find what I'd like to make art cards out of. As far as mediums, maybe acylc, watercolor and water-soluble oils. This one is acrylic, but I'm going to try something else next time as my mixed colors were drying instantly and wouldn't rewet. doh! Who wants to mix a color twice? So I think I'll try some watercolor and gauche (a la Nathan Fowkes) which CAN be rewetted and also maybe some water-soluble oils. We'll see how it goes. I'd love to hear any suggestions, experiences etc. I've been reading about artcard trading/selling and want to get in on the fun. Plus it's low cost way to get a painting. Also I think good promotion for an artist trying to get some stuff out there.

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