#127 Sinking House

5"x7" oil on masonite $37.50 (50% off - end of year clearance sale)

I like the basic composition of this one, but I think I fussed too much with it, when what I think I needed was a more accurate value on the ground plane (i think it's too light) and then some simpler stokes to make it lay down.

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Ben McLaughlin said...

Hello-- just stumbled across yr sites. good stuff. I have been painting for about two years, and though i love it, i find the learning curve pretty frustating-- it seems there is so much to learn! I think the biggest thing I have learnt is how integral correct values of tone are to holding a painting together. Anyway, good job mate, keep going

JMahorney said...

I hear that Ben. That's what I'm workin towards. As Macpherson says "A correct color note(value,hue,chroma) will ring more true than any slavish rendering."

Nice work on your site. Great job on "Grandads' Chair"!

Ben McLaughlin said...

Thanks mate-- that is a good quote. It reminded me of something Pissarro said, that I stuck up above my desk--"do not define too closely the outlines of things; it is the brushstroke of the right value and colour which should produce the drawing"