#294 - Desert Ride

2.5"x 3.5"(ACEO) oil on artboard Sold

It's fun to paint distance. The colors have to be more saturated as they come towards the viewer. Wish I'd made a larger one of this.

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Roxanne Steed said...

WOW - fabulous sense of "VAST" in a little ACEO type space! REally stunning!

SarahBowie said...

Larger would be great but there is something really impressive about the sense of space in this little ACEO.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love the composition and color in this piece. you accomplished lots in a small space. Maybe you could use this as a study for a larger one??

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jeff!... I perfectly understand your feeling of "wishing the piece larger"!

But hey!... The "red" included by you speaks volumes!

"You" created and captured the "feeling" of the distance you wanted.

"Distance" can be a feeling... and "I" feel that goal seems ever-present in your work through the aura of ambiguity you create in minimizing unnecessary detail.

"I" love that quality in your work!

Good Painting!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman

carol morgan carmichael said...

Okay. Whats the deal? Why so long since posting?!