#272 - Precipice Pear

6"x 6" oil on masonite Sold

“I am Lazarus, come from the dead, Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all” -the lovesong of j alfred prufrock

I'm back.

Yup, I've had enough of the wasteland and had my fill of prickly pear sandwiches. I finally stuck a paintbrush between my ragged claws and brushed out this rough (prickly?) pear. I won't let that much time go by again without painting. It's frightening. Like being so far out to sea that you get that panicky feeling when you can't see the shore. I started to imagine just not painting anymore. Things become things again instead of a kaleidoscope of color shapes. I don't like the wasteland very much. I'm definitely not building a summer house here.

Seriously though, thanks to everyone who missed me. :)

P.S. This week I'm a featured artist on the DP Café.

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Sandra Galda said...

I definitely missed you!!! I have you on my blog list of painters and check on you now and then! I will be back and I am glad you are!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, dude! Nice work and good to see you back.

Shirley Peters said...

Wow, this is like a sun in the sky. Great painting.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Jeff, I DID come back like I said...and I have to say you put more into your shadows that some I've seen in what people put into their lights. Glad you decided to grab the ole brush and do it some more!

Anonymous said...

Yay you! Your back! and were missed, terribly =)


Karen Appleton said...

Missed seeing your paintings! Nothing wrong with taking a long break though, you might find that you were actually busy mentally preparing for new work :)

Glad you are back.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Jeff, Can't say I missed you..I just found your blog Art Monkey and your paintings! Now, this is some pear! Absolutely, shockingly divine! Will add you to my favorite blogs so I can check back with all your new work..now that you're back!

Jeff Mahorney said...

Thank you kindly folks! It's nice to be back. :)