#195 Tea Time

6"x6" oil on masonite SOLD
This was one of those one that was a joy to paint and came off so smoothly. My thinking mind didn't get in the way too much and I could just respond to color spots. I should always be so lucky. I'm pleased with this one. I don't know if it comes across in the scan of the painting, but I feel like I got the key of the lighting on this one. I was able to keep everything within the envelope of that warm overhead light. Unfortunately my scanner is an idiot when it comes to red, so hopefully you'll believe me when I say the reds/oranges of the pot are more varied and pure than the scanner could pick up.

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mike rooney studios said...

like the varied reds and they pop against the black stove and greyish wall. nice color spots man..

Cathleen Rehfeld said...

wow beautiful!