#340 - Just Being JB

6" x 6"   oil on hardboard   Sold

I usually like to play a word game with the pet commissions that I paint for people. It's fun to find an adjective that describes the image of the pet (and also has the same first letter). I don't get the feeling from the image that this handsome pooch is quite "jittery" or "jovial". JB is sitting there, being himself. He's just being JB.  :)

This is one of two commissioned pet paintings that happen to be for my step-sister, Christie. These two dogs, JB and Leo(post coming tomorrow) were both a real joy to paint, but then again I haven't met a dog or cat I didn't want to paint. Didn't Will Rogers say something like that?

Anyhoo, If you've been thinking about a pet portrait, ask me more about it or take a look at my commission info page.

p.s. I couldn't resist, here's a tiny-size sneak peak of Leo that I'll post tomorrow:

Hmmm, maybe "Lounging" Leo?

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carol morgan carmichael said...

Great job on JB. Love your unique style. Great color and perspective on JB. Hope2014 brings great things for you!

Jeff Mahorney said...

Thank you and same to you Carol! I'll talk to you soon (sooner than you think). :)

ArtsNyou.com said...

This painting captures rich imagination of the artist and has flamboyant colors.

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