#330 - Serendipity Path

5" x 7"  oil on hardboard   Sold

I was just about to write that I wish every path was like this (frozen in time), as if it would be great to know how light and dark the path is and exactly where it leads. But would it be great? Why do we remember the past but not the future? Is that just the real nature of time or is that the only way that we can experience time (and our lives)? What if forgetting the future was simply an evolutionary selection for humans? Perhaps at one point humans could, but those humans died out because knowing the future simply isn't as bearable. What place would hope and serendipity have in a set future? It would be like reading a book when you already know what will happen. It's just not as interesting.
So, on second thought, I'll take not knowing. I'll choose hope, serendipity, and faith that you are where you are supposed to be and that you are going where you are supposed to go.
It's a more interesting story (and path), don't you think?

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carol morgan carmichael said...

Very strong piece Jeff. Love the pattern of light.
Yep, no good comes out of dwelling on the past even though it is human nature to do so. Your future is what you make it! Hope you have a great week. So good to see some Mahorney paintings.

Regula Scheifele said...

Great piece, there is a notion of eternity, and hope in it.
And it does feel familiar. Hmmmm - isn't that a comforting realization?

Jeff Mahorney said...

Thanks you guys! Much appreciated. :)

Wendie Scott Davis said...

What a great post! Very thought provoking.

Think of all the glorious mistakes we wouldn't have made if we had a set future. Some of the most wonderful moments in our past have often been the ones we least expected. I would never want to change that.

And I also think that there are often some times that we polish the past to make our memories even lovelier.

That said, I want to walk through the sunny patch on this driveway.

Unknown said...

I think you need to put down the pipe and back away slowly.

Scott Davidson said...

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Artist Jes said...

This one is really beautiful Jeff! I just love your simple and effective style.

Mia Hinchey said...