#328 - Superman (Niko)

9" x 12"   oil on canvas   Sold

This painting was 1 of 2 portraits commissioned of a handsome couple in Maui Hawaii. I called this one Superman because he looks like the man of steal to me. He has a great chiseled square jaw that seems to echo the structure of the old ironwork building around him. Niko and his partner Bill (who's portrait I named Aquaman, which I'll post tomorrow) just bought a new home together. Congratulations guys. :)

Please forgive me for not getting a better photo (glare), but my fancy photo setup is out of commission for the time being. I'll fix it soon I hope.

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carol morgan carmichael said...

This is waay better than a portrait. Great color and light on Niko. Great piece!

Darlene Young said...

Great composition- two thirds dark one third light., and placing of the focal point. Smart use of complimentary colours and contrasting values. And the portrait has certain gentle giant feeling.