Updated Template

You know your blogger template is old when you can't add newer widgets because your old template is "not supported". Anyhoo, I updated to a newer one and then changed it a bit to suite my taste. I'd love any constructive feedback you have to give. Let me know what you think. :)

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Stilin Studio said...

Hi Jeff,

I have been messing around with the newer templates on Blogger too, so I understand what a (necessary) pain it is!

My suggestion is that you lighten the color a bit, or enlarge the font size (or both). I found it kind of hard to read, until I enlarged the page with my mouse, especially in the notes section on the "What I Learned" page. Some very valuable information there!! Thanks, you inspire me!!

Hope my constructive & honest criticism helps!


Nancy said...

Hi Jeff,
I agree with Linda, the font size and color are hard to see. And for me personally, although a black background makes artwork really pop, it makes my eyes hurt to read light text on dark backgrounds!

Love your style of painting though!


Jeff Mahorney said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! Can't really change the color much as the low contrast color set was carefully chosen to emphasize the paintings not the writing. I can however bump the font size up a bit (just done) without it getting too horsey (big).