#315 - Yellow Daisies

6"x 6"  oil on masonite  Sold
I love about anything backlit. Yellow daisies are no exception. I always get intimidated anytime the shadow side of something yellow needs to be painted. Yellow in shadow has been problem for me in the past, but if I stayed away from it then I never get to paint much yellow would I?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting, Jeff. Love the colors, especially.
Happy to see you posting your wonderful work!

Regula Scheifele said...

Love those daisies - and probably even more the table and background. Great colors!

Mark Landes said...

Very nicely done

Cathleen Rehfeld said...

The yellow petals in the light and dark are so beautiful!

gianmaria said...

Yellow in shadow is a problem for me, too!
How do you paint yellow in shadow now?
How did you solve your problem?
An hug

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

simple and beautiful!

Fine Art Management said...

great post!