#310 - Royal Penance Pear

2.5"x 3.5" (ACEO) oil on artboard SOLD
I suppose it's good to know that you're never too good for a bad painting. The painting right before this one was a wipe down. A "wipe down" is what I call it when a painting you're working on is just not happening, so you throw in the towel and just wipe it off with a turp rag. It's just the way it goes sometimes. I was trying to paint an orange slice that was a drink garnish (as part of a bar scene). Come to find near the end that could't get it that orange color dark enough, yet chromatic enough in comparison to it's surroundings. What I learned from that wipe down was that if there's a critical area, do that part first and get that color relationship right so that the rest of the painting will be "keyed" to that critical section. I did the opposite so I had nowhere to go when I reached that critical section. You'd think I'd know better.

What do I do after a nice wipe down defeat? I like to go back to the basics (apple or a pear). You know I'm going to say it: When in doubt paint a pear. It always get me back on track and ready to go tackle more difficult things after that. So, as my penance, here's a simple green pear on a royal purple background.

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Sand Hill Art said...

I enjoy viewing all of your pear variations. Are you familiar with Robert Burridge's work? He has made a career of painting pears.

Martha Lever said...

I love this pear and it's nice to know that even you have wipe downs! As for the comment by Sandy Hill, I will be taking a 5 day workshop with Robert Burridge in Feb. Looking forward to it.

Helen Cooper said...

What a lovely vibrant painting. It makes that 'wipeout' just a memory !