#308 - The Cow Before The Storm

10"x 10" oil on canvas  Sold
Well I did say as of late that I was looking for some kind of physical or visual weight in my paintings right? Looks like I found that in a heavy frame and heavy subject (sitting bovine). A little bird in my ear suggested the puntastic title of "Ground Beef", but I was too distracted by the way this cow was sitting calmly in the face of an approaching storm. Good for her. Where's she going to go anyway? Hide under a tree? Nah, enjoy your nice green field. Storms always come and go. It doesn't have to ruin your picnic.

BTW-This painting this is actually painted on a thicker canvas frame(pic below) instead of my usual masonite. Fun Stuff! Note to self: Must learn to stretch my own canvas soon. Anyhoo, more experiments to come.

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Anonymous said...


carol morgan carmichael said...

Like the composition in this. Love the light hitting the cow.
I don't stretch my own canvas because of the time factor. I don't even clean my studio because of the time factor. I don't even......

JMahorney said...

Thanks Guys

What up Kris!

Yeah Carol, I hear that, but damn, they'll break my little piggy bank. Plus AC moore is gunna bust me for using too many coupons lately. Those Bastards!

Another title for this careless cow painting: "and not a single f*ck was given that day". heh heh.

Jasy kasiM said...

nice painting..
[first visit to ur blog..interesting!!]

Angela said...

Love this scene so peaceful and calm.