#306 - Self-Portrait: Red loves Green

5"x 7" oil on masonite SOLD

Red loves Green.
It's a more romantic story than just reciting color theory about complimentary colors.  I like to think that at the first color theory party, Red and Green spotted each other across the crowded color wheel and it was love at first sight (fierce sight?). It's the same silly love song for Yellow/Violet and Orange/Blue, but it's true. Complementary colors make each other shine. Red is at it's reddest with green. Put them together with a clear edge, right next to each other and watch them shine like stars. But beware intrepid painter! If you cross the boundaries and these compliments are mixed together, they cancel each other out (watch them wither). They make black or a some muted neutral.

As long as we're on the dark side let suggest Alizarin plus Pthalo green. This fierce black is seductively dark and deep.

Red loves Green (like hidden loves seen).
Are we each to each, attracted to our compliments?

If you're a nerd, I'm a nerd.

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Anonymous said...


Dana Cooper said...

Wonderful portrait Jeff, and I like your storytelling about compliments. I use Alizerin and Thalo green a lot because it also makes beautiful purples and deep greens.

Ruca said...

Really great self-portrait and the wordy stuff is muito interessante!

wenli said...

learned, thanks!

carol morgan carmichael said...

Come on Jeff. Miss your posts! The light in this painting is fantastic.

Nanda said...

Great works. I like this. Thank You for taking the time to share your view with us. Keep it up my friend :)

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Virginia Floyd said...

I'm a nerd! Love your post. Wonderful neutrals in your self portrait.

Your "what I've learned" post is one of my favorites.