#291 - Apple for Aaron

2.5"x 3.5"(ACEO) oil on artboard Sold

Something about this little apple reminds me of one of my favorite painters: Aaron Liffith.
He's been an inspiration ever since I started painting. His values on the importance stroke economy and choice of brush size, have always been fascinating and hopefully influential on me.
anyhoo, this one's for Aaron.

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Anonymous said...

Love Aarons apple!
His work is amazing!!
and, well, you know what I think of your work, Jeff =>)

Kim said...

Wonderful. What a great colour combination. Both of you do really great work.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love your reds against the blue background. Great looking painting.
Thanks for suggesting we look at Aaron's work. So interesting. Love what he says about learning from artist that we admire but then ignoring their advice and putting our own slant on things. Perfect.

Leslie Culpepper said...

This really is beautiful. With rectangular patches of paint, the apple takes on the appearance of a carved jewel, and yes, the colors are gorgeous--just gorgeous...