#274 - Honey Jar

2.5"x 3.5"(ACEO) oil on artboard Sold
Man, these last two aceos kept pickin up glare on the scanner. Hmmm, I see plan of evil is being foiled. The plan being put a thirsty enough ground (gesso etc.) on the board so that it sucks up all the oil in the paint. Then it's matte when you scan it. After you then have to varnish it to get the vibrancy back. Drink up gesso!

I also wanted to mention that I'm a gadget geek and have been waiting eagerly for a good painting app for my palm pre. Well it finally here and it's called Paintr. Of coarse, one of the first things I had to try to paint was a pear:

The developer (Chris of Codeslaw) liked it so much he wants to use it as an example in the palm pre app catalog. I'm pleased as a peach and hope to make many more little paintings with this very cool app.

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Kim said...

The honey glows - very nice!

Geert-Jan said...

I love it. It's all in there, colour, composition, contrast, the glare you painted, not the glare that came from your scanner. Each painting needs a differents approach for scanning or photographing.

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome. Colors are so perfect I could taste it.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Two very strong and wonderful pieces. I am inspired every time I click over!

David Lloyd said...

Brilliant work Jeff...love looking around here!

Laurel Daniel said...

Jeff - I enjoyed reading your DP interview from last week - it's just fun to know a little more. It also brought me back over here to see the GREAT work you are producing (most of which is sold I see!) I love the lost and found edges on this Honey Jar piece. And how cool that your pear will be used in the new app catalog... congratulations!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jeff!... Just found your terrific blog. Your work is just "plane" beautiful! Rich.. luminous colour... painterly with lively brushwork! Each one is a gem in its own right!

I'm a Follower... I'll be checkin' in regularly!Really enjoyed my visit!

Good Painting!
Bruce Sherman

JMahorney said...

Thanks for the kind words guys! Man, it's fun to open up comments and see some of your favorite painters there. I love the interwebs! heh