#244 Herb Pot

2.5"x 3.5"(ACEO) oil on artboard Sold

I don't remember (of course) what the herb is but I love this little potted plant.

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Gina Lee Kim said...

This is stunning! Hey Jeff, I think you've reached 120 paintings by now haven't you? :) You inspire me...I want to be a workhorse too! I need to get back in my studio and create, period. It's effort, then talent!

Denny said...

...a great painting Jeff ...simple and to the point...i love the color and the shapes.

Gary Keimig said...

Very nice work Jeff. I'd say your journey is very fruitful and I'm sure you have learned a lot. It is so hard to get through to young artists that nothing is a better substitute for a lot of hard work.

Kathryn Law said...

What Gary said. I've been away from my work (and blog) for some months, and I am blown away by how much you have grown as a painter in that time. It's so nice to see your work again, and better than ever.

JMahorney said...

wow, thanks very much all!

Gina-wish I was a workhorse. I need to get back to work!

Denny-love your work, just added it in my rader

Gary-Yup, I feel the same way, nothing like miles of canvas.

Kathryn-so nice to see you around the blogosphere again. Welcome back! Been following your posts.