#223 Haystack

5"x7" Oil on Masonite Sold

I know this is loosey goosey, but that was the plan. This was all about color. Barely used a drawing and wanted all masses stated in high rich color within 15 minutes BEFORE adjusting the masses to try and hit the color key. I did this because I usually spend too much time mixing on my palatte when putting initial masses down and end up duller than I'd like it to be. As they say, "it's hard to stay rich if you don't start rich". I thought about tighting it up, but then that starts to pull it away fro what I'm trying to get at: The beautiful spots of color that we see before the mind relegates them into "things".

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judith said...

Hi Jeff, I love this painting ,Great brush work nicely done .

JMahorney said...

thank you, it was really lots of fun to push color, color, color.