#211 Good Morning Gang

5"x 7" oil on masonite  SOLD
Ahhhhh, I see this motley crew almost every morning: coffee, sugar bowl and my tank of a coffee maker.

Had a hard time getting a good scan because of glare. The paint is kinda shiney because I'm tryin a new base (semi-gloss acrylic latex enamel housepaint a la Ken Auster). The gesso I normally use sucks out all the oil from the paint, which makes for a great scan (usually if it's evenly matte) but then I need to varnish later to get that rich luster of oil paint look again. I'd like a gesso/base that doesn't suck out too much oil, but provides enough tooth to accept the paint(Lukas 1862).

Any suggestions out there? If you oil paint on a hard surface how do you prepare it?

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Jala Pfaff said...

This is great! Makes me want a nice cup of coffee...

My all-time favorite surface to paint on so far is Yarka extra-fine oil-primed linen, which comes in a roll. I tape pieces of it to a board and paint on it.