#209 Another Thyme

5"x7" Oil on Masonite SOLD

This is part of a local resturant called "Another Thyme". What can I say? I'm a sucker for an awning. I just love the way awnings or anything very planar like that, groups up colors. It's like it's already showing you part of what I'm trying to do. Every plane change is a color change. Smooth round objects try keep thier secrets, but objects like this tell the truth: everything in front of us, is just made of spots of color. A split second later the mind contructs "things", and we think,"oh that's an awning." and so we're kicked out of the garden of eden.

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Nancy Clearwater Herman said...

I really like your paintings and feel exactly the same way about awnings.

spg said...

This one really works for me. It has a Matisse meets Hopper meets Diebenkorn feel to it!

Jala Pfaff said...

Fun one. I like it a lot.
I assume that's a thyme bush, then, in front of the restaurant? or would that be too much to ask for? :)

JMahorney said...

Nancy-Yeah I hear that. I could see a series of awning paintings.

spg- Thanks much. Very nice to hear that from you. I follow your blog and work. :)

Jala-Ha! I know, that would be cool, but I think it's more like a small cypress.