#200 Truckin Home

6"x6" Oil on Masonite $75 Sold

This was from a shot on the way back from my Dad's house. It was a great sunset and I think I got that sunset infusion, that warm light key of sunset (well, right after). I painted the sky and then keyed eveything to it to keep the colors in relation.

Happy 200 to me! Also My one year blogging anniversary was actually Jan 14th but I was way too busy with family business. If I can sit down soon, I'll read my rambling posts and see if I can sum up what I think I've learned since post 120.

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MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Jeff,
I'm looking forward to reading your summation. For me, it's been fascinating to watch you grow as an artist and to see your simple "First Apple" turn into today's rich, impressionistic work, full of interesting light, shapes and colours. Amazing progress - well done!!

So sorry too, to hear about Sim. She looked and sounded like a lovely old girl.


Annie said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog - I have learnt so much from it! I have decided to copy you and do 120 paintings - hopefully my painting will improve as much as yours has done. I find the progress you have made very inspiring!

Brian said...

Well, here I am again. I come take a look at your blog every now and then, and every time I am astonished at your progress. I embarked on a 120 painting project myself months ago, but what with one thing and the other never got around to doing much, so I am now only at number 15, and thus far I absolutely hate and detest everything I have done. But your blog is a beacon of hope!

You should write us up some more tutorials. I'm sure I am not the only one curious about your procedures. For example, you seem capable of including amazingly small details. Somehow, I never quite manage, even when I used extremely fine brushes. Perhaps just a matter of practice?

And do you do a lot of drawing? Or did you before you embarked on your painting adventure?

Do keep up the excellent work; I look forward to seeing much more.


Sally Tharp said...

Jeff.. Just found your site and love your work! also.. what a very lovely tribute to your grandmother.. how blessed you were to have had a part in her life! Thank you for sharing it all!

Carol Marine said...

This is really lovely, Jeff! You have just gotten better and better by bounds. Really fascinating work lately!

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

I love feeling of this one. you are very talented

Dar Presto said...

Congratulations on #200, a fantastic work! And one year of blogging!
I'm in the happy company of people whom you've inspired. Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us.
OK, my word verification is "blessedl"
No kidding!

JMahorney said...

You guys are very kind.

Maddog- thanks, I hope I can express something useful.Man, time flies!

Annie- Good for you. Let me know if I can help or anything. Got you in my reader and I'll keep up with your blog. btw-your drawings are great!

Brian- yup, I know and remember that feeling well. Cold comfort but remember thats part of the journey -dealing with those feelings and forging ahead anyway. Your job is just to put in the time and numbers. Small and often. Just keep at it. :)
To answer your Qs-no formal training, some drawing classes but I really don't draw that well or even detail well. What I have gotten better at is getting the colors "right". When you get the colors right, you really don't have to draw or detail much. It's not needed. The painting starts to build itself with the right spots of color. Focus on being able to judge one color against another: it's correct value,hue and saturation compared to the color next to it. I can't believe how important it is.

sally-Thanks and welcome, it's nice to have you here.

Carol-Thanks very much. That means a lot coming from one of my very favorite painters and one of the reasons I got into painting in the first place. A pleasure to have you here.

Rhonda- Thanks! I love that time of day. Such a nice drive.

Dar-Thank you Dar, and good to see/hear from you. It makes me happy to hear it has helped or inspired you and others. "blessed" really? whoa that is weird. I usually get nonsense words like "utram"

Brian said...


Thanks for the comments on the comments. You remain an inspiration to many people, it seems, including me.

Judging by your self-portrait, you are better at drawing than you think, because it seems to me you did manage very nicely to capture a likeness, which is not easy to do unless one can draw quite well.

But I think you are very right about getting the colours right. I have already noticed this: the closer one gets to getting them right, the more 'real' one's painting seems, especially if one also gets the shapes more or less right (which is the drawing bit).

Do you paint full-time? If not, how do you get time for anything besides working and painting?

Anyway, I'll come check back every now and then to see all the latest paintings. Keep up the good work! It all looks absolutely great.

Larry said...

"WOW! Beautiful Jeff!"

That's literally what came out of my mouth on this one!!!

Very fine...a painter you have become!!!

JMahorney said...

Thanks Larry! That means a lot ot me. :)
So nice to hear today. Had to wipe one yesterday and forgot how to paint. Doh! Here's hopin I remember today.

Larry said...

I've been painting 30 years or more, Jeff and still experience that feeling!

My artist/son has even more recently had to give me encouragement because I've doubted my abilities, my experience...and this inspite of one invitation after another to come and teach painting workshops.

I guess...if one is going to constantly push and seek to stretch themselves such feelings will always be there filled with doubts.

Paint on...just as the heart beats on!!!