#184 Cascadilla Stop

5"x7" oil on masonite SOLD

My Dad likes to think of stop signs as a reminder to bring your attention back to the preset moment. Like a reminder to halt your rambling mind and ask "what am I experiencing right now?" I like to think of them that way too but perhaps focusing more on the visual: What do you see right now? Not, "Oh that's just a tree" or "Hey that's Dave's house", but what color and shapes are coming into your eyeballs right now. That moment before we turn those shapes of colors into "things".

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mike rooney studios said...

of course i love this one with a stop sign. reminds me of the cats in the LA area like Wray. this is contemporary landscape not rolling fields!n glad to see you squeezing some time out to paint so i can get my Mahorney fix!

JMahorney said...

Thanks Mike. I hope you and I can get together soon. I'll be off on vacation for 9 days, but I'd love to get some plein air on or just hang out.