#162 Cup O Roses

6"x6" oil on masonite SOLD
I love roses, but getting the rose's light side to be chromatic AND light is a real trick. I hope I pulled it off. The colors in the glass cup are what really attracted me to this. And yup it's in my favorite place to paint in the house: north light bathroom. Maybe it should just be my studio eh?
Rumors of my demise...ok I won't start that again, except to apologize for not posting in awhile. In my defense, We're selling our house and buying a new one within 30 days (no easy feet!). I should make a painting called "portrait of the artist sweatin his interest rate". Anyway, I will get some more paintings in and after closing I plan on painting a lot. In the meantime I've been still practicing everyday with what I call digital ministarts, which setup basic masses and then variations within masses on a very small and quick scale in photoshop. I'll talk about that more later. Wish me luck. :)

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Carol Marine said...

Nice! I really like the light and ... like you said ... the colors in the glass. Nice!

JMahorney said...

Thanks Carol. You're easily one of my favorite artists. It's a pleasure to have you visit.

Adam said...

Wow, Jeff. The colors in the glass are astounding. The refraction of water in the glass is extremely well captured and the glint of light along the top of the glass combined with the darkness around the petal is striking. Perhaps we could work out a lay-away plan : )

MadDogMcQ said...

Yes, ANOTHER fabulous painting Jeff! Boy, how I wish I could paint as well as you. A joy to view.

Frank Gardner said...

Nicely done.
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Just lovely! I find the texture very interesting as well.

I agree that the careful dance of trying to buy and sell a house with just the right coordination is so very stressful. Hang in there!