#160 Arboretum Morning

6"x6" oil on masonite $37.50 (50% off - end of year clearance sale)
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This is from a beautiful Saturday morning at the NC arboretum with the VAE plein air painting group. These guys only get together once a month, but it's still a great chance to get my butt outdoors and meet people (lest I become a studio hermit). Thanks again to Rick Bennet for organizing it. Nice turn out. I met some great artists and just enjoyed a nice morning of outdoor painting. One of these days I hope to find some painters in Triangle area who want to get together more often (like early morning jogging).

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Dean H. said...

Really nice painting. I just "found" your blog. I like how the objects project into the light. Also like the great texture...I presume it's largely from your support surface.