#157 Homunculus

8"x10" oil on masonite nfs

This is one of an african masks that I just love next to my plant that I haven't killed yet. I've always really dug this mask because of the little head on top. The word Homunculus is latin for "little man" is is often used to describe fallacious systems of how the mind works. Also, ain't it fun to say? Homunculus! It's almost as fun as Chupacabra!
Sorry for the glare but this baby was painted on thick and is still really wet.

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Diane said...

Great work-- you are a natural

Dar Presto said...

so if the little man in my head has a little man in his head, who has a little man in his head... does that make me infinitely stupid?
Don't answer that.

Anonymous said...

Nice art work..

Is that really an African Mask?