#151 Plein Air St.

5"x7" oil on masonite Sold

Went plan air painting with the VAE group on Raliegh. We actually painted on the street right in front of the Visual Art Exchange. The plein air group is great. Really nice people headed by Rick Bennet. Look forward to meeting them every month.

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

This is the one.... this is infact my favorite of your paintings. Wow. Wow. WOW! Your group sounds like fun. Congratulation's on the show also ... is "break a leg" appropiate to this type of show as well as the theater? *wink

Kate said...

This looks awesome Jeff! The colors and the brush strokes are great. How early did you guys go out?

JMahorney said...

Nancy-Thanks very much! I hope to paint more get in the great outsdoors.
I hope the show is fun cause I'll be there all weekend. What the hell am I gunna do with all the time? Maybe I should bring my paint box eh?

Kate-Thanks Kate! Not too early. I think I didn't get my act together and step up to paint until 9:30 maybe. The funniest thing was a big minivan came and parked right in front of the potted plant I was about to paint. Doh! I've got lots to learn about plein air. I hope next time we go out to a farm. :)

Frank Gardner said...

Nice choice of subject. I like how you did not try and cram too much in.

As to the above question. You could take your paint box, that's a good idea, but for sure take business cards and or put out a book and get people's emails for your list.

Larry Seiler said...

good to hear of your taking a direction in painting on location Jeff...growth is assured painting nature's light

this one a beauty!!!