#146 Landscape Impression

5"x7" oil on masonite SOLD
Sorry I couldn't think up a better title, but this does seem really impressionist for me. I was really trying to capture the light key with this one. I think I caught the relationship though I believe it came out a little warmer. I keep struggling to get the initial flat masses correct and it didn't seem to start reading as the same light key until I really added lots of variation. Gotta work on that. I really wanna nail the light key in the big flat masses before moving on to variations. Then it's just a matter of not destroying the established key. Have I been reading too much Hensche or what? BTW-I highly recommend Hensche on painting and Hawthorn on painting (cape cod school). I can't stop reading them over and over.

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Larry Seiler said...
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Larry Seiler said...

Nice effort here Jeff...and thinking in terms of light keys is good stuff.

When you get a chance, check out Larry Moore's work, he's out of Florida...and his website link is on my blogspot.

Note the very clean register of atmosphere and light he gets, which comes by not necessarily assigning the darkest dark to be too dark. Often even a midgray value/dark..and then work up from there so that the light reads as a lighter key. Effective..

Keep at it...

JMahorney said...

Thanks for the comments and the reference to Larry Moore. His work is beautiful with a great sense of light and atmosphere. I've gotta get out in the field (literally) more.
Always a pleasure to have you visit. :)